Monday, May 19, 2008

Education Programme is one of the core programmes of BRAC.
Main motto of this programme is to provide primary education to Underprivileged children, especially girls, mostly from rural areas, comprise our target audience.

Components of BEP:
BRAC Primary schools (BPS)
This is the main component of the BRAC Education Programme, creating access for children who have never attended school before or who have dropped out of the formal school….
Pre-Primary Schools (PPS)
In order to support the formal education sector, we have created this school model which prepares young children for formal primary schooling in a social and enjoyable environment...

The Adolescent Development Programme (ADP)
ADP aims to increase the visibility, awareness, and leadership qualities of vulnerable adolescents, especially girls, as well as to provide them with knowledge and life-skills they need to have control over their bodies and lives....

The Post-Primary Basic and Continuing Education (PACE)
PACE serves to lay the foundations for a knowledge-based and technologically-oriented learning society by increasing access to and ability to use various informative resources…

The Government Partnership Program (GPP)
GPP is a collaborative programme between BEP and the Bangladeshi government to improve the quality of primary and secondary education in certain parts of the country, thereby facilitating social mobilization in society by spreading awareness of various issues....
Education for Children with Disabilities (CWD)
BEP is working to improve access to and quality of education for children with various types of disabilities, as well as encouraging their acceptance in society....
Education for Indigenous Children (EIC)
In Bangladesh, children from indigenous backgrounds are often limited in their learning abilities due to language differences and lower socio-economic backgrounds. To provide them access to appropriate schooling and to meet their distinct needs, we have tailored this program.

What we need-
Every component we need to create more interesting and attraction for children.

What we do-
We provide them technology based e-learning materials especially audio visual and animated materials.
What can I do?
As a senior staff and responsible for designing materials I make a project to proved that how it is effective to our education field.

What I need?
I need to be an expert in this field that is production and management.

What is my expectation?
My expectation is I can learn every thing from this training through produce my individual project by the all support of AVNet.

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